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The Cambridge Centre for Neuromorphic Computing Materials

The Cambridge Centre for Neuromorphic Computing Materials is an emerging collaboration network where we make use of our expertise in materials nanoengineering and characterisation to create materials which can emulate biological synaptic behaviour, but are fully compatible with CMOS technology.

Our expertise spans fundamental materials development, device and materials physics, and we are looking to expand into circuit integration. So far, we mainly work with resistive switching materials and ferroelectrics, and cover all areas from materials deposition and analysis to advanced electrical measurements.

Latest News

Markus at ChipStartUK event

13 June 2024

Dr Markus Hellenbrand attended the cohort 1 showcase event of the ChipStartUK programme, which supports tech start-ups on their journey all the way from before corporation to obtaining investments. He talked to some of the organisers, advisors, and investors, as well as to IMEC representative, to gather ideas and...